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"Leonard Pitts, Jr. is the most insightful and inspiring columnist of his generation." 
Tavis Smiley

Leonard Pitts refuses to be predictable or to rest on his considerable laurels. He is funny when you think there's not a smidgen of humor to be found, enraged at the very moment we thought we no longer cared, and he shakes us up just when we're so certain we have it all figured out. In other words, he makes us better for having read him. What a gift. In sparse, often electric prose, Pitts challenges us to be bigger than we thought possible, and then shows us how to get there.
Connie Schulz, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

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Q: Do you participate in blog tours or Skype sessions with your readers?  How to we arrange for the online meetings?
Yes, I love to interact with my readers!  Email me directly at:  or contact my publicist at the email address below.

Q:  How to we order bulk quantities of your books for our school or reader's group?
Please contact my publisher directly or go to your local bookstore and ask them to order the books for you. Here is my publisher's information:

Doug Seibold, President Agate Publishing, Inc.

1328 Greenleaf St.

Evanston, IL 60202

Q: How do we go about scheduling you for book signings, book club meet-and-greets or to appear at our conference?
For book-signings and book club events only, please contact me through my publisher:

Zachary Z. Rudin, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Email Zach Rudin :
Agate Publishing, Inc.
1328 Greenleaf St.

Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: 847.475.4457

For all other speaking engagements, contact:

Flip Porter
American Program Bureau
One Gateway Center, Suite 751
Newton, MA 02458

800-255-4575 x 1624
fax 617-965-6610

Or you can contact me directly via email:

Now on Twitter;@LeonardPittsJr1


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